Leonor Lega, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

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About Dr. Lega

Author of seven books, thirty peer reviewed articles, and eight book chapters in the cross cultural application of the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Model (REBT) initially developed by Albert Ellis, Ph.D. Lectures and conducts research on the role of multicultural factors in the application of this REBT Model in Latin America, Europe, Australia, India, and the United States. Licenced Psychologist in New York and New Jersey.

“The person comes first.”

Research Interests

In general, the cross cultural study of how rigid, distorted ideas, views, and perceptions of self, others, and the world in general (known as Irrational Beliefs) have an effect on a person’s sense of well being, and his/her ability to relate to others. Specifically, my current research interest is centered in two areas:

  • the development of valid instruments to measure these Irrational Beliefs in different multicultural contexts, and
  • the exploration of the role these Irrational Beliefs play in populations like victims of couples’s violence.

Student Organizations and Clubs

Career & Accomplishments


  • Temple University, Ph.D.

  • Albert Ellis Institute NYC, Postdoctoral


  • Life Member of the Albert Ellis Institute in NYC

  • Honorary President of the REBT Chapter in Spain's Psychological Association