Frank J. Guarini School of Business Celebrates Milestones

In September 2019, U.S. Congressman Frank J. Guarini H ’94 made a historic gift of $10 million to Saint Peter’s to transform and expand the University’s School of Business. A little more than two years later, the University community came together, on October 20, to celebrate how a portion of his gift was used – for much needed renovations to the building where the Frank J. Guarini School of Business resides. The event also served to commemorate another milestone in the University’s history, the 90th anniversary of business education at Saint Peter’s.

Students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as distinguished guests including Congressman Guarini and his family, gathered in the transformed space. Thanks to the generosity of the Congressman, Saint Peter’s was able to renovate a previously unused space to create a state-of-the-art business center that enables innovation, teamwork, collaboration, research, advanced video conferencing and more.The physical transformation is one of the first steps of many enhancements that will be made to programming, student experience and facilities for the Guarini School of Business.

“Congressman Guarini’s philanthropy has had a powerful impact on Saint Peter’s,” said Eugene J. Cornacchia, Ph.D., president of Saint Peter’s University. “Thanks to his support we have begun to take the Guarini School of Business to the next level by improving this facility and implementing new programming, enabling our students to be the global leaders of tomorrow.”

In addition to the dramatic physical transformation that took place over the past two years, the Guarini School of Business faculty also came together to envision a new credo for the School, “Frank J. Guarini School of Business: Nurturing Hearts and Minds to Make a Difference.” The also developed a new mission statement:

The Frank J. Guarini School of Business, grounded in Jesuit principles, promotes academic excellence and intellectual and professional enrichment for students in a variety of disciplines and programs at the graduate and bachelor’s levels. The rigorous curriculum aligns with evolving industry trends and new technological advances taught by an accomplished and caring faculty of scholars and practitioners. Impactful and transformative learning experiences provide opportunities for service, experiential learning and community engagement, with an emphasis on professional skills development, career pathways and establishing the foundation for lifelong learning. Students acquire skills in leadership, critical thinking, communication, data analysis and practical application of discipline-specific knowledge, in an educational setting that nurtures competent, compassionate and ethical leaders in their chosen profession.

“An important part of our new mission statement highlights the value of experiential learning, community engagement and service,” Mary Kate Naatus, Ph.D., KPMG dean of the Frank J. Guarini School of Business. “Our new space provides ideal workspaces and connectivity in support of our community and corporate partnered programs.”

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