Top Students Honored at 2019 Michaelmas Convocation


The 2019 Most Noble Order of the Peacock inductees.

The Michaelmas Convocation is an annual event designed to recognize student accomplishments. It follows the medieval tradition of convening the faculty and students to start the term and is celebrated in the honor of the feast of the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

The event was focused not only on student success in the classroom, but also on the impact that the Saint Peter’s community has beyond the classroom.

“I appreciate how hard-earned these awards are and I congratulate all of you, but I also challenge you to remember the other lessons that you can take from Saint Peter’s,” said William T. Price III ’91, vice president and chief communications officer of Zoetis, during his keynote address at the event.

Price spoke about the profound impact that Saint Peter’s had on his life and shared three lessons from his experience at the University. These three lessons called on students to be confident, be communicators and be kind.

Price discussed accomplished alumni who utilized their Saint Peter’s education to become successful leaders of their industries while also dedicating their lives to giving back. He also spoke about the devoted faculty and staff who go above and beyond for others and demonstrate dedication and kindness in everything that they do.

William T. Price III

Keynote speaker William T. Price III ’91, vice president and chief communication officer of Zoetis.

“Kindness is not always easy and it cannot compete with our desire for academic awards or the thrill of exciting careers, but it is so necessary, it is so valuable, it is so fundamental to what Saint Peter’s wants to instill in your education outside of the classroom,” said Price. “And it is through your kindness that you will have your greatest impact and build your most meaningful legacy.”

During this annual event students receive achievement awards in all academic areas, including the sciences, arts, education, nursing and business. Additionally, 10 seniors are inducted into the oldest and most distinguished honors society at Saint Peter’s, the Most Noble Order of the Peacock (MNOP), for attaining the highest scholastic average in all courses throughout their first three years at the University. The students inducted into this year’s MNOP society include Daniel J. Gotshall ’20, Nicole E. Font ’20, Larissa Colon ’20, Sara C. Gonzalez ’20, Jerry D. Guallpa ’20, Kevin A. Rojas ’20, Patrick Cucurullo ’20, Elinor K. Mokaya ’20, Samantha L. Sebbio ’20 and Christopher S. Stradford ’20.

Saint Peter’s University takes great pride in all of the students who were honored at the 2019 Michaelmas Convocation. To view more photos from the event, please click here.