Meet Dawn McLaughlin: A 2016 Ignite Institute MicroBusiness Consulting Program Partner

ppk logoPositively Publishing Kids is headed by Dawn McLaughlin, a local entrepreneur in the Hudson County Area of New Jersey. She is an ambitious woman looking to use her talents in writing to create a business especially focused on the future of our society… children. Through the power of writing she intends to educate the younger generations of our society about Diversity. As a woman of Puerto Rican heritage, she understands the importance of Diversity in our society and she has made it her mission to co-create children’s books with talented young artists, with storylines and illustrations that reflect the beauty and diversity of our world.. Dawn is taking a unique avenue in her approach to her book writing and illustration. She intends to have teenagers involved in both of these elements in creating children’s books. This allows adolescents to showcase their creative talents while also communicating a powerful message to their peers and readers.

With the help of the Saint Peter’s University Student Consulting team, Positively Publishing is hosting an illustration competition through social media platforms like SnapChat for those interested in expressing their artistic passion.

Submissions for illustration is also open to the on her website. Her passion and unique approach to writing is definitely worth checking out. Find out more about Positively Publishing through her Facebook and Twitter. You can also hear more from Dawn about Positively Publishing Kids at her YouTube account.