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Becoming A Data Scientist: The Skills That Can Make You The Most Money

Back in January we looked at an analysis of some of the best jobs to apply for in the United States. My colleague, Jeff Kauflin, covered the report, which was published by Glassdoor, a job search engine and career information site. Which job came out as the best job of them all? According to Glassdoor’s […]

What it takes to score the ‘best job in America’

Data science jobs are the best jobs in America, according to Glassdoor. And scoring a data scientist jobs isn’t impossible, but it certainly helps if you develop a number of different coding skills. Glassdoor released a study on Thursday that lists the…Read more

Python’s growth comes from the enormous expansion of data science and machine learning

Interview with David Robinson, Data Scientist at Stack Overflow JAXenter: In a recent post, you said that “Python has a solid claim to being the fastest-growing major programming language.” June 2017 was the first month that this programming language was the most visited tag on Stack Overflow within high-income nations — just a few years […]

What it’s like to have the best job in America right now

Data scientists have the best job in America, according to Glassdoor. The field may be relatively new and occasionally vaguely defined, but one thing’s for sure — it’s also growing. That’s because, in the digital age,…Read more

The two-way street between data science and business

Sigrid Rouam, lead data scientist at SGX, discusses the role of big data in business and finance, and how companies can change to make the most of the data scientists they employ Big data and data analytics is becoming increasingly accepted as a vital ingredient in the pursuit of a smarter and…Read more

The Data Science Diversity Gap

How diverse will a lucrative, growing field like data science be in the future? Will it end up like computer science today (not very diverse) or computer science a few decades ago (much more so)? One way to prognosticate the future demographic composition of data science is…Read more

How Data Science Can Boost Network Operations

Data science techniques have been around for many years and successfully applied in several areas like fraud detection, personalized recommendations, etc. Most recently, these techniques are being leveraged in service provider and telco network operations. The combination of SDN/NFV and data science is becoming a powerful new approach for making networks more reliable and secure. […]

IBM Brings Analytics To The Data For Faster Processing

Data analytics is a rapidly evolving field, and IBM and other vendors over the past several years have built numerous tools to address segments of it. But now Big Blue is shifting its focus to give data scientists and developers the technologies they need more easily and quickly analyze the data and derive insights that […]