Senator Sandra B. Cunningham Visits Saint Peter’s for Pizza and Politics

Senator Sandra B. Cunningham came to Saint Peter’s on Thursday, October 1 to talk politics over pizza with several students and faculty members in the McIntyre Conference Center. The event, Pizza and Politics, is an annual event hosted by The Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership.

During her discussion, Sen. Cunningham covered a variety of topics such as the requirements to run for assembly and her role in getting laws passed in the legislative branch. One law she is currently working to get passed is the Democracy Act, which aims to make it easier for people to vote, such as same-day registration and allowing people to vote online rather than at a polling location.

Sen. Cunningham emphasized the importance voting. “If you don’t like what’s happening politically, the only thing you can do is vote,” she said. “It’s an important thing to do.”

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