Undergraduate Admission

Admission Counselors & Staff

  • beth sullivan

    Elizabeth Sullivan

    Associate Vice President/Dean

    Office: Lee House, 2nd Floor
    Phone: (201) 761-7106
    Email: esullivan2@saintpeters.edu

    Admission Counselor Territory:
    MA; RI; NH; VT; ME; Pre-nursing and Honors
  • IMG_0817

    Lewis Cardenas

    Dean of International Enrollment

    Office: Lee House, 2nd Floor
    Phone: (201) 761-7115
    Email: lcardenas@saintpeters.edu
    Let’s Skype: lewis.cardenas

    Admission Counselor Territory:
    All International and Americans living abroad

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  • kacey

    Kacey Tillotson ’02

    Director of Admission

    Office: Lee House, 2nd Floor
    Phone: (201) 761-7111
    Email: ktillotson@saintpeters.edu

    Admission Counselor Territory:
    Bayonne High School and HI; WA; OR (Pacific Northwest); Pacific/Micronesia American Territories; Athletes; International (assistant)
  • Karen Ford

    Karen Ford

    Senior Associate Director of Marketing

    Office: Lee House, 2nd Floor
    Phone: (201) 761-7108
    Email: kford@saintpeters.edu

  • daisy

    Daisy Guasch ’07,’13

    Associate Director of Admission

    Office: Lee House
    Phone: (201) 761-7121
    Text me: (201) 918-8218
    Email: dguasch@saintpeters.edu
    Let’s Skype: DGuaschSPU

    Admission Counselor Territory:
    Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, AL; FL; GA: LA; MS; Puerto Rico; US Virgin Islands

    More about Daisy…

    Fun Facts: I was in the first graduating class as a University. I can also write backwards (weird, I know!). During my senior year of college I interned at Extra. TV and I met a ton of celebrities. Jake Gyllenhaal was my favorite, he was so sweet. I chose an F name for confirmation so that my initials would be DEFG.

    Things I like: Kickboxing, traveling, baking, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, SnapChat filters, 90’s Hip Hop/Rap, sushi, lime green, and the number 13.

    Favorite Quote: “Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” — Michael Jordan

    Favorite/best thing about Jersey City: The food!! Jersey City is so culturally diverse it’s only natural the food would be amazing. If you’re in the mood for buffalo chicken pizza (I mean who doesn’t love buff chick?!) I would suggest Carmine’s Pizza Factory. If you have a sweet tooth, then you need to go to Kraverie and get the Nutella Madness. If Latin cuisine is what you desire, then I suggest O’Lala Empanadas & International Cuisine tell them Daisy sent you.

    College Advice to Prospective Students and Families:

    • When looking for a college, make sure to keep an open mind.
    • There are plenty of scholarship opportunities, try not to let cost hinder your decision.
    • Ask questions! When visiting campus ask your tour guide why they chose the college, campus life, and what they do in their free time.

  • pamela

    Pamela de Leon ’12, ’16

    Senior Assistant Director Transfer

    Office: Lee House
    Phone: (201) 761-7110
    Text me: (201) 776-1422
    Let’s Skype: PdeleonSPU

    Admission Counselor Territory:
    Transfer Students (and Transfer BSN)

    More about Pamela…

    Fun Facts: I am one of ten children and we are all super close. I am the self-appointed Karaoke Queen of Jersey City and I won an award for it on a cruise ship. I transferred into Saint Peter’s and it was the best decision of my life!

    Things I like: Reality TV (all of it), guacamole, literally any kind of board game, and Just Dance.

    Favorite Quote: “Nothing will work unless you do” – Maya Angelou

    Favorite/best thing about Jersey City: Everything!! I am born and raised in Jersey City and it’s a great place to be… everything is at your fingertips. There are a lot of great things to do, and eat, you will never be bored! Don’t forget to check out O’Haras downtown for some great American food and Karaoke or Me Casa for some good Spanish food. Also we have great food trucks!!

    College Advice to Prospective Students and Families:

    • Make sure you take time to visit the schools you are interested in, it’s the best way to make sure the school you choose is a good fit for you!
    • Ask questions! All questions are good questions and that’s the only way to get the answers.
    • Don’t make decisions based on the price tag, there are scholarships out there for everyone!

  • Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Pischettola ’14

    Assistant Director of Transfer Admission

    Office: Lee House
    Phone: (201) 761-7104
    Text me: (201) 686-5645
    Email: jpischettola@saintpeters.edu
    Let’s Skype: JpischettolaSPU

    Admission Counselor Territory:
    Transfer Students

    More about Jacqueline…

    Fun Facts: I worked as an extra on TV and Movies for a couple of years!

    Things I like: I love to cook and bake. Being in the kitchen takes away all of my stress. I love hosting parties and getting together with family and friends, spending quality time with my husband and daughter is my top priority because they complete me. I really like going to my Bikram hot yoga classes, and getting ice cream afterwards!

    Favorite Quote: “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world!” -Nelson Mandela

    Favorite/best thing about Jersey City: The food and shopping! There is an abundance of restaurants and stores/boutiques – you will never get enough of it. There is always a new little place to discover when you’re out and about. There is always something to do in Jersey City.

    College Advice to Prospective Students and Families:
    Do your research and be prepared when deciding on your future. Ask lots of questions – there is no such thing as too many questions. College is affordable there are many scholarship and/or financial aid opportunities. The admissions counselor is there to help make the process less complicated.

  • Olivette

    Olivette Diaz

    Assistant Director of Admission

    Office: Lee House
    Phone: (201) 761-7112
    Text me: (201) 681-6112
    Email: odiaz1@saintpeters.edu
    Let’s Skype: ODiazSPU

    Admission Counselor Territory:
    NJ Counties: Bergen, Morris and Northern Passaic; Hudson Valley, Catskills, Rockland County; Westchester; IA; ID; KS; MT; ND; NE; SD; WY; AR; OK; TX

    More about Olivette…

    Fun Facts: I once helped save newborn sea turtles in Mexico by releasing them into the ocean. I am secretly afraid of ketchup. My favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. In my previous career, I was a political analyst on Wall Street and headed the finance committee of a major Fortune 500 Company. I left that all behind to begin my second career in education. I taught kindergarten in a private school for nine years.

    Favorite place on campus: The MacMahon Student Center, particularly the 5th floor or cafeteria. I feel the Student Center is the heart of campus. I love going there and being greeted by everyone. From my friends in security and Starbucks on the first floor, to Liliam and all the ladies in the cafeteria, and all the students, work studies and staff in Campus Ministry, Student Life and Dean of Students – I automatically feel at home and welcome. I am able to catch up with friends and colleagues. My second favorite place is Lee House and seeing Mary every morning.

    Things I like: I LOVE listening to music. Any type, classical, rock, new wave, hip pop, soul, even rap! Anyone that truly knows me can tell the way that I am feeling by the music I am listening to on that day. I LOVE the sun, beach and surf. I feel my best when I am near water, and I don’t mean rain water. Most importantly, I love spending time with my family. Fortunately, they also love the ocean, so family trips are our escape.

    Favorite Quote: “Drench yourself in words unspoken. Live your life with arms wide open. Today is where your book begins the rest is still unwritten.” – Natasha Bedingfield

    Favorite/best thing about Jersey City: I love going to downtown/waterfront Jersey City at lunch. Often you find me having lunch there.

    College Advice to Prospective Students and Families:
    Take the time to visit the schools where you are applying. A college or university may look great on paper, but remember, you are the one that will be spending the next four years there. Make sure you visit not just the school and the surrounding area. You need to see if for yourself. You’ll “know” once you get there if it’s the RIGHT place for you!

  • Anthony

    Anthony Rodriguez ’10

    Senior Assistant Director of Admission, Freshmen

    Office: Lee House
    Phone: (201) 761-7124
    Text me: (201) 686-5653
    Email: arodriguez8@saintpeters.edu
    Let’s Skype: ARodriguezSPU

    Admission Counselor Territory:
    NJ Counties: Hudson, Essex and Southern Passaic, Union, Somerset and Mercer, Sussex, Warren and Hunterdon; CA; AK; AZ; CO; UT; NM; NV Special Programs

    More about Anthony…

    Fun Facts: I am fluent in both Italian and Spanish.

    Things I like: I consider myself to be a part-time chef. Usually on the weekends, I will find an interesting recipe on Pinterest (shoutout to Pinterest!) and make it that day. I love spending time with my dog, Gizmo. I am a big time soccer person. I enjoy playing and watching the sport.

    Favorite Quote: “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do” – Pelé

    Favorite/best thing about Jersey City: Being that I enjoy food, there are different types of cuisines that one can enjoy. Whether it is Latin, Italian, or Indian, you will not be disappointed. My favorite places to eat are Ercolano Salumeria, El Sabroso, and Wonder Bagel. There is also a lot to do in Jersey City. You can go to Liberty Science Center, the museum, or take a trip on the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

    College Advice to Prospective Students and Families:

    • Research, research, and research. It’s the most important thing in my opinion if you want to find a school that has what you are looking for, in terms of size, location, majors, and cost.
    • Visit as many schools as possible.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. That is what we, as Admission Counselors, are here for.

  • Ryan

    Ryan Britt ’14

    Assistant Director of Admission

    Office: Lee House
    Phone: (201) 761-7113
    Text me: (201) 927-8649
    Email: rbritt@saintpeters.edu
    Let’s Skype: ryan.britt.spu

    Admission Counselor Territory:
    NJ Counties: Hudson and Essex; Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester and Albany-Capital Region, MD; VA; NC; SC

    More about Ryan…

    Fun Facts:

    • I went to Toms River High School North, but graduated from Bayonne High School.
    • I was Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006 (well, you probably were too).
    • I’m on Google Street View, but my face is blurred out.

    Things I like: Driving, biking, hiking, reading, working on cars, movies, comedy, the color blue, technology, video games, and buffalo wings.

    Favorite Quote: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” -Aristotle

    Favorite/best thing about Jersey City: In my opinion, the best thing about Jersey City is the diversity. Jersey city is a place where you can be free to be yourself. Diversity offers students a richer perspective on issues and concepts. Diversity strengthens ties to the community, and offers all students the prospect of success. Jersey City is the most diverse city in New Jersey. The waterfront is a very relaxing place to read, relax or even just hang out (it also doesn’t hurt that the waterfront is flooded with Pokemon and Pokéstops.)

    College Advice to Prospective Students and Families:
    Be sure to utilize all of the resources available to you. If you are struggling with classwork, seek out a tutor. If you are bored on campus, get involved with some clubs. If you are overwhelmed and need someone to talk to, look to a counselor. The college decision process can be daunting, especially for first generation students (and their parents). Admission Counselors are here to help, don’t be scared to ask any and all questions you may have.

  • Caitlin

    Caitlin Kain

    Assistant Director of Admission

    Office: Lee House
    Phone: (201) 761-7154
    Text me: (201) 679-2015
    Email: ckain@saintpeters.edu
    Let’s Skype: Caitlin.KainSPU

    Admission Counselor Territory:
    Southern NJ Counties, Camden and Burlington, Jersey Shore and Pinelands, Middlesex, Monmouth; DE; IN; IL; MN; WI; KY; MI; MO; OH; PA; TN

    More about Caitlin…

    Fun Facts:

    • I got stuck on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel in Chicago during a thunder and lightning storm and ended up on the news!
    • I am from Neptune, NJ and went to St. Rose High School.
    • I was voted “Best Person to Get a Hug From” in college in my graduating class.
    • I have been interviewed on “The Today Show.”
    • I am currently working on my Masters in School Counseling at Saint Peter’s!

    Things I like: I love to travel, go to concerts and comedy shows, read and watch TV (and anything on Netflix!)! I am a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live. I love listening to music, listening to the radio and the Elvis Duran Show and podcasts including “Beautiful Anonymous” with Chris Getherd and “An Acquired Taste Podcast”. I also have a dog named Mia!

    Favorite Quote: “When things start to happen, don’t worry, don’t stew. Just go right along and you’ll start happening too.” – Dr. Seuss

    Favorite/best thing about Jersey City: Even though it is a city there is a strong feeling of community and community roots. I also love the food! Taqueria Downtown Jersey City is one of my favorite spots and I highly recommend the steak quesadilla!

    Favorite Place on Campus: 5th floor of the MacMahon Student Center – I love the view it has of the City and you can see the Statue of Liberty!

    College Advice to Prospective Students and Families:
    Go on a campus tour! This is the best way to get a feel of the college/university and see if it is the right “fit” for you. Plus, we would love to meet you! Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Admission Counselors are here to help you make sure you are making the best choice about college!

  • mary

    Mary Megale

    Concierge of Admission

    Office: Lee House
    Phone: (201) 761-7103
    Email: mmegale@saintpeters.edu