Saint Peter’s Makes History with Naming of Caulfield School of Education

Saint Peter’s made history last night with the naming and dedication of the Caulfield School of Education, the University’s first named school.

More than 70 alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the University gathered on the second floor of Dinneen Hall for a special ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the Caulfield School of Education, which was named in honor of Patrick J. Caulfield, Ph.D. ’47. Known as the founding father of the education program, Dr. Caulfield spent much of his life at Saint Peter’s, first as a student and then as a professor who spearheaded unique training programs for the early generations of education students.

“The Caulfield School of Education has graduated hundreds of educators, each of whom carries with them the spirit of Dr. Caulfield,” said Eugene J. Cornacchia, Ph.D., president of Saint Peter’s University. “We proudly look forward to future generations of Caulfield School of Education graduates who will carry with them the life, the legacy and tradition of Dr. Caulfield.”

Dr. Cornacchia also acknowledged the School of Education Fundraising Steering Committee and the 146 donors who made the financial commitment to honor the memory of Dr. Caulfield.

Several members of Dr. Caulfield’s family were present to assist in the official ribbon cutting. Also in attendance were several friends, colleagues and former students of Dr. Caulfield. One of them was Joseph V. Doria, Jr., Ed.D. ’68, dean of the now Caulfield School of Education, who shared his recollections of Dr. Caulfield, his former professor.

“He valued giving an education to every student who wanted it,” added Dr. Doria. “Dr. Caulfield represents all that is good in a Jesuit education and in education itself.”

Gerard P. O’Sullivan, Ph.D., provost and vice president for academic affairs, added that the memory of Dr. Caulfield is also honored through Alumni in Education, a popular affinity group formed last year. Alumni in Education unites thousands of graduates in education and working educators through networking events as well as panel discussions and presentations by notable guest speakers. The program is supported by a volunteer host committee composed of a mix of alumni who provide outreach and help determine topics that will resonate with the education community.

“Dr. Caulfield’s legacy lives on in his academic progeny, in his groundbreaking scholarship and in the program — now school — of education, which he painstakingly built and nurtured,” said Dr. O’Sullivan. “Dr. Caulfield lives on and he is with us here tonight.”