Exhibit at Theresa and Edward O’Toole Library Presents a Visual History Lesson

“A great school no matter what the title!” “Saint Peter’s University rocks!” “A great sign of hope.”

These heartfelt words are just some of the messages scribed in blue, red and black marker on a 23-foot-long best wishes paper banner on the main floor of the Theresa and Edward O’Toole Library on the Jersey City campus of Saint Peter’s University. Behind the sign, there is a special exhibit – a collection of photographs, brochures and other memorabilia – that will be unveiled on Wednesday, September 12, to kick off a full academic year of celebration for Saint Peter’s transition to a university.   

"Saint Peter’s from College to University: Highlights through the Decades, 1872-2012" serves as a visual history lesson about the growth of Saint Peter’s over the last 140 years.

“We wanted to do a timeline and cover as many aspects of the University’s existence over the years up until now,” said David Hardgrove, library director at Saint Peter’s University.

Visitors can expect to see such items as a copy of Saint Peter’s original charter from 1872, yearbooks, items from Campus Ministry and even a scanned version of the letter confirming Saint Peter’s university status.

“The campus community should see the exhibit because it reflects the growth of the University from 1872 until the present, as well as going forward,” Hardgrove said.

In addition to this special event, the library will also host two other exhibits during the year: “A Celebration of Student Publications and Faculty/Student Research Collaborations” in February 2013 and “A Celebration of Faculty Achievement: Teaching and Scholarship” in April 2013.

"Saint Peter’s from College to University: Highlights through the Decades, 1872-2012" will be on display from Wednesday, September 12 to Thursday, September 27 at the Theresa and Edward O’Toole Library, located on Glenwood Avenue between Kennedy Boulevard and West Side Avenue. For more information, contact the library’s main telephone number at (201) 761-6453.