President Cornacchia brags a little bit about our fantastic new Student Center

TRANSCRIPT: We began talking about a student center, probably a little bit more than a decade ago. We had various ideas about what it would look like, what it should be like, and where it should be located. The space we’re in right now, by the way, this living room, was designed by students on the steering committee. They said they wanted a place that felt like home, a place with a fireplace, coffee, and soft seating. And so this is their space in particular, because they designed it. This is a place where students, faculty, staff, and even members from the outside community can come together and experience community, whether it’s faith sharing in our Campus Ministry Office, whether it’s recreation on the recreation floors, or even a meal together in the dining room. It has it all. Everything you need for community is here in this building – in this one place.