Fr. Rocco explains how the new Campus Ministry suite invites Community

TRANSCRIPT: This building is providing us an opportunity to connect, to invite, and to build community with students. Really it’s exciting to get to know them and invite them in to opportunities. What’s a real blessing about our student center is that now our commuter students especially have a place where they can feel at home and hang out and not have to go from class to Jazzman’s (cafe) to home. So Campus Ministry is for all of our students, of all cultures, of all religions, and even those who are trying to figure it out. Now with this student center and our new space with a really fine pantry and storage we’re really able to do this new ministry to the local community in a very effective, efficient, and exciting way. We don’t have to go too far from Jersey City to find great need here. For our students to know that they’re serving this community where they’re living I think it’s very powerful. And they’re excited. So I already feel that this building is enabling us as a university, and Campus Ministry in particular, to encourage community, to grow community, to grow greater care for one another and to build new friendships, which is always a hallmark of Jesuit university education that long after we graduate we have friendships that last forever.