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Below are 5 fun summer activities and advice to help you get ready for college. They are fun! Really.

1. Get a part-time job!

You may be tempted to spend all summer by the pool, but a part-time job could be the thing you need. It would not only give you some extra cash, but also teach you valuable skills and strengthen your future college applications.

2. Reflect!

Think about what has happened to you in the past days, weeks, months, and years. What made you proud? What made you struggle? What was your favorite memory? These moments of self-reflection may inspire your college application essay!

3. Explore and visit!

Do you have friends or family who are already in college or are about to start their freshman year in college? Tag along and visit their college campus! Even better – turn visiting colleges into a family vacation. Research what schools are in the area and pop in for a campus tour. Talk to current students, explore local food options, or take pictures and post them on social media with the school hashtag.
Kim in the quad

4. Get on mailing lists!

Summer is the perfect time to get on the mailing lists of different colleges you may be interested in and request additional information. The brochures and materials you receive may inspire you to start your college “wish list.” Make a game out of it to create some friendly competition among your group of friends! Create a list of things to search for (do they offer the program you’re interested in, what is their mascot, what is the closest big city, what is their GPA requirement, do they have a swimming pool, what are the school colors, etc.) and see who completes the list first.

5. Get out of your comfort zone!

Are you a suburban soul who prefers the peace and quiet? Take a day to explore a nearby city! Do you spend your days reading a nice book on the sofa? Put your comfy clothes on and take a hiking trip or spend the day at an amusement park! Are you hesitant to talk to college admissions folks? Pick up the phone or shoot an email to your admission counselor introducing yourself! Getting out of your comfort zone may seem scary and maybe even unnecessary, but it's essential to the person you will become.

Bonus tip

Create an email address solely for receiving emails from colleges. Make it simple, no flare – maybe just your first and last name. This way, your personal email will not be inundated with college news, applications, and updates.

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Affordable and Powerful

Saint Peter’s University offers scholarships and grants that make us one of the most affordable private colleges and universities in the region and give many deserving students the chance to pursue studies that would otherwise be out of reach. Our alumni can attest to the might of a Jesuit education and the doors such an experience can open. Are you a future alum? We invite you to visit us and get a feel for how one of the greatest teaching traditions in the world, in the hands of a supportive community, and in the most exciting region in the United States is a life changing experience.

Our Jesuit Reputation Precedes Us

It’s all about rigorous academics, a supportive environment, and Jesuit values. Our students come here to earn a degree, but leave with so much more. Jesuit education is respected and recognized the world over for embracing the richness of the human experience – mind, body, and spirit. A degree from a Jesuit institution lets the world know of your desire to make your mark on the world in a meaningful way.

This is Where You Optimize Your College Years

As you might expect, the vastness of your college experience is not limited to the classroom. With our campus being in the heart of Jersey City any job, internship, or professional interest you can think of is close by. Downtown Jersey City – also known as Wall Street West – is a major financial services hub and home to corporate offices like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Fidelity Investments. A free shuttle bus takes students to and from the Journal Square PATH station for a train that brings you to New York in minutes.