Residence Life

Resident Assistant Application

The Resident Assistant Application Process for the 2016-2017 academic year has officially been completed. Stay tuned for more updates in Fall 2016 for the next Resident Assistant Application Process!

General Statement

The Resident Assistant is an integral part of the University’s Residence Life Program as administered by the Office of Residence Life. As staff members, Resident Assistants (RA) are committed to the development of community living at Saint Peter’s University.

Applications are now available in the Office of Residence Life or you can download the application online.

Resident Assistants have extensive contact with Saint Peter’s students, serving as liaisons and resource persons for the campus community. RAs promote the integration of all aspects of campus life and assist in establishing supportive communities for residential students that create opportunities for residents to meet their own and the University’s educational objectives. Advising and programming are two key ways the RA’s work towards establishing community and civic engagement. Clear and frequent communication between the Resident Assistant, the Office of Residence Life and the campus community is critical for the success of the residential life program.

Function of Position

The Resident Assistant works with their residents and other residence life staff members to help create an environment in the residence halls that contributes to the intellectual, social, and cultural development of the members of the residential community. This environment reflects the Jesuit/Catholic ideals, identity and mission upon which this University was formed. The Resident Assistant articulates the philosophy and policies of the Office of Residence Life and Saint Peter’s University to students, and in turn represents the needs of the students to the administration.

The Resident Assistant application process for the 2016-2017 academic year is currently closed. Applications will be available upon request at the Office of Residence life.

A personal note from an RA – By Nicole Palmer

You know who they are. You see them walking the campus grounds, clipboard and walkie-talkie in hand. They’re the RA’s of Saint Peters University. However, there’s always more than meets the eye. What exactly is the role of a Resident Assistant?

Role Model: As a Resident Assistant, you must lead by example. Maintain a positive attitude. This means you must always support campus policies and abide by them. Have followed campus policies during your time at Saint Peters?

Policy Enforcer: You must encourage residents and other students to be accountable for their actions. As a RA, you will address policy violation directly and promote individual responsibility among the community. Are you able to be an authority figure for you fellow peers?

Community Builder: As a RA, you are responsible for developing programs that will bring people together based on their interests and needs. You must also create a positive environment on your floor/building where residents can feel comfortable.

Student : An RA is primarily a student. Your main focus should be on your academics and a college degree. However, the RA position is your second priority after you academics. This means that any sports or extracurricular activities commitment always come after your commitment as a RA.

In addition to these requirements, you will be expected to fulfill a number of On Duty/On-Calls, work resource hours throughout the week, attend weekly staff meetings, and most importantly be available for you residents in the case they might need you. Remember that being a RA is not a 9 am-5 pm job. It does not end when you are off Duty or leave the RA office. You are always a RA.

Though the job may seem demanding, it is a rewarding position that will integrate you into your college experience. As a community leader, you will become closer to your peers, set standards for others, and expand the possibilities of your college experience.