The Pursuit of Racial Justice

April 20, 2021


Good evening,

Now that the jury has delivered a guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd, I hope and pray our nation and our own community will continue the pursuit of racial justice. Today’s decision is an important step; one that gives our country the opportunity to heal and begin to move forward.

Here at Saint Peter’s, we must advance our efforts to foster a community that promotes respect, fairness, equality and inclusiveness.

Let us reaffirm our commitment to the inherent value of Black men and women as well as to our ongoing vow to ensure social justice and equal opportunity for all. We know that the path to change rarely comes easily but we are more determined than ever to seek racial equity and justice.

We must continue to engage in difficult discussions, seek change when necessary and provide support to those fighting for justice. To do so, we must engage in advocacy to promote racial justice, including:

  • Provide platforms for Black and minority students to share their experiences and have their voices heard
  • Ensure a safe and inclusive environment where diverse voices, perspectives and experiences are not only heard and recognized, but also celebrated and championed
  • Urge our community to act for justice, to work toward equality, and to have greater sensitivity and understanding toward diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Support, offer and encourage participation in programs that provide opportunities for dialogue and workshops
  • Denounce racism, bigotry and violence in all its forms

Incidents of racial injustice over the last year have left many of us saddened and with a feeling of hopelessness. Please remember that the counseling and psychological services (CAPS) office is available for support by appointment via tele-therapy. Please call (201) 761-6420 or email Campus ministry is also open and campus ministers are available to talk with students, faculty, staff and administrators via appointment. Please call (201) 761-7390 or email

Details surrounding upcoming activities and programming from the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will be shared in the coming days.

Please join me in keeping the family and friends of George Floyd in your thoughts and prayers. While this outcome will not erase their pain, we hope it brings some sort of comfort to them as they continue to process his needless death.


Eugene J. Cornacchia, Ph.D.