Doctoral Dissertation Submission


Submitting your Dissertation to the Saint Peter’s University Libraries

Saint Peter’s University requires you to submit two bound copies for Special Collections and an electronic version in a PDF file for the Libraries’ online repository of your thesis.

Consult with the Doctoral Education Department to make sure your dissertation is in the proper format and meets all acceptance requirements.

Submit the final approved version of your dissertation in a PDF file, along with a completed copy of your committee’s approval form to:

Also you will need to sign a release form agreeing to allow the Libraries to upload your dissertation into its Digital Repository. Click here for the form: Digital Repository Release Form.

You have the option to decline to have your work posted using the same form. If you do agree your dissertation will be downloaded into the Libraries’ Digital Repository within a few weeks.


Submitting your Dissertation to UMI ProQuest

Saint Peter’s University requires you to submit your work to Saint Peters University UMI ProQuest ETD.

Click here:

All the information you’ll need to submit your dissertation will be found on the website.

FAQ are also found at that location.

You will be able to order bound copies of your dissertation through UMI ProQuest .

You will be able to apply for the copyright of your work at this site.

The cost of submitting and registering your dissertation is determined by UMI ProQuest. You will be charged directly for this service not through the University.

UMI ProQuest has been a leading depository for thesis and dissertations since 1938. Its ProQuest Digital Dissertations service has over two million entries from more than 1,000 graduate schools and universities. The depository grows annually at the rate of approximately 60,000 titles yearly.