3D Printing Lab

In collaboration with the Applied Science & Technology Department of Saint Peter’s University, we built a 3D Printing Lab located on the first floor of The O’Toole Library. Our goals are to assist faculty in using this technology, to develop the curriculum, and to attract more students into science professions.

The lab is currently equipped with one Makerbot Replicator & one Workstation. It offers the resources of a full suite of 3D fabrication and modeling technologies to members of the Saint Peter’s community: students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and staff.

Please contact Hao Zeng (Librarian) or Dr. Weidong Zhu (Applied Science & Technology Department) for more information, instruction or help.



Free CAD Software

Sketchup – Make: The free version of Sketchup, Sketchup Make is a great beginners tool for 3D Computer Assisted Design. Steps to Use:

  1. Download Sketchup Make
  2. Follow installation instructions
  3. Download the STL Importer/Exporter
  4. Import STL files from Thingiverse, Makerbot Digitizer, etc.
  5. Edit Files
  6. Export as 3D model in .obj file type

Sculptris Alpha Six 3D design software for the more artistically inclined. Great for making sculptures from the ground up. Steps to Use:

  1. Dowload Sculptris Alpha Six
  2. Design your file (.obj files can be imported)
  3. Export completed design as .obj


Blender is the most advanced of the free CAD programs. If you are comfortable with 3D Design this is the software for you. Steps to Use:

  1. Download Blender
  2. Design your file (.obj files can be imported)
  3. Export completed design as .obj