Information Technology Services

Client Portal

What is changing and why?

  • Saint Peter’s University’s Division of Information Technology will be rolling out a new ticketing system called TeamDynamix to better accommodate the current and anticipated needs of our University community. This new system will allow for a broader range of requests and allow for more efficient and intuitive support.

What impact will this have on me?

  • The new system includes a client portal which will enable you to see many aspects of your ticket including status, progress and the ability to comment at any time.
  • The implementation approach we plan to use will slowly introduce TeamDynamix in order to minimize disruption to the University Community during the transition.
  • As the University Community adjusts to the new system, more features and functions of the tool will be implemented. TeamDynamix has powerful features including (but not limited to) the ability to record quality control statistics, which will allow IT to better track IT technology support performance, improve accountability, and ultimately provide a better customer service experience for our community.

What is the rollout plan for TeamDynamix?

  • TeamDynamix implementation will happen in several phases. The first phase goes live May 2017. Subsequent phases will occur through the summer.
  • The phases to follow will introduce more features/functions/capabilities of TeamDynamix as the University Community adjusts to the new tool.

What about all the tickets that are still open, what will happen to those?

  • IT tickets that are still open or being worked on as of May 22, 2017 will continue to be worked in the existing system until they are closed.
  • All new technology tickets starting May 22, 2017 will be created and processed in TeamDynamix

Will I still call Client Services if I need technology help?

  • Absolutely! The IT Service Desk phone number (201-761-7800) should always be your first point of contact and the methods of contacting them will not change – phone, chat, email, walk-in, etc. We’re always here to help.

What are some of the features in TeamDynamix that are not available in our current ticketing system?

  • Transparency – view your ticket, status, progress and comment at any time
  • Accountability – The system has the capability to track how quickly IT receives, acknowledges and resolves tickets. This will provide very useful data to help IT raise the bar in terms of accountable customer service.
  • Automation – Features in the system such as ticket creation directly from emails to, that will provide an auto-confirmation email saving time and improving customer service responsiveness.
  • Interaction –  You will be able to add attachments to the ticket and even add an alert to automatically be notified by the system for certain events, depending on the type of ticket.
  • Control – You can withdraw the ticket if you no longer require service.

Where is the Client Portal located?

How soon will I see these benefits?

  • This is an ongoing process and it may take several months for full benefits to be realized. As we are able to activate more features of TeamDynamix, the benefit it will become much more visible. Having seen how other higher education institutions have implemented TeamDynamix reassures us that we are building a solid foundation for raising the bar on IT customer service.