Graduate Admission

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantship positions are very limited and are not available at all times. Graduate Assistantship job openings will be published on the Human Resources website.

Qualifications:  A Student must be accepted into the graduate program as a matriculated student, be enrolled with a full time credit load, and apply and be selected as the candidate for the graduate assistantship. Full time load is 9 credits per semester or 6 credits per trimester. Applicants must submit an official Graduate Assistantship Application and be interviewed and chosen for the position.

Departments with Graduate Assistantships: Athletics, Career Services, Graduate Nursing, NCAA Enrichment, Residence Life and Student Activities.

A graduate assistantship application should be filed with the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies Admission at the address below.  Applications are available online or in person at the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies Admission.