Location Scout: Lincoln Park

Distance from Campus:

2 minutes / 11 minutes

If you are celebrating your wedding or special event with us you are in the neighborhood of a very photogenic park. Lincoln Park is strikingly beautiful and offers the convenience of ample parking (which you can appreciate when you have a cocktail reception to get to.)  Here are some picturesque scenes which could add a little more special to your special occasion.

1. The 53′-tall fountain designed by Pierre J. Cheron features 27 amphibious spouts and 150 lights.

Wedding Photos by the Fountain in Lincoln Park

2. Lincoln Park has four gazeboes.  The largest has a long, wide, gently winding staircase that would be perfect for creatively staggering members of a bridal party.  You can’t miss it.  It rises above the park on a hill, setting itself apart from the fields, playgrounds, and sprawling lawns off the Duncan Avenue entrances.

Gazeebo in Lincoln Park for Wedding Pictures

3. Tree lined paths provide unique trunks and stumps for creative photographers to use as props.  With some imagination you can stage some whimsical one-of-a-kind scenes.

Trees for wedding photos in Lincoln Park

4. Memorials are placed through the park to pay tribute to various groups including volunteer fireman and those lost to The Great Irish Famine.  The Great Irish Famine memorial is an intricate Celtic cross that stands 18′ high.

The Great Irish Famine Memorial in Lincoln Park

5. Colorful spaces and places can be found throughout the park.  Be on the lookout for colorful stone, lush green backdrops, and glistening lakes.  Studio settings will never be this beautiful.

Lincoln Park Wedding Photography

The winding shape of this body of water and the tall height of the fountain makes it possible to frame very different scenes in a short amount of time. Take a walk along the lake.

paving in Lincoln Park - wedding photos

Arrange your bridal party along the ledge, some sitting, leaning, some standing behind. Get a pop of color with the stones in the forefront and a canopy of trees and blue skies behind you.

Tree lined paths for photography in Lincoln Park

On this path, imagine the bridesmaids in a line facing the groomsmen with arms and bouquets overhead making a canopy to parallel the tree canopy with the newlyweds in the forefront, just off to the right on the grass.

Lincoln Park will inspire some beautiful and unique compositions. Now let’s get to that wedding reception!

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