Class of 1970 Message

Graduation Message from the Class of 1970

Dear Graduate,

We, the Class of 1970, would like to congratulate you on your upcoming graduation. 50years ago, as we were preparing to graduate, there was, like now, an extraordinary sense of insecurity about the future. For us, the Vietnam War – more specifically, the draft – determined whether many were to serve in the military or be “free” to attend our graduation ceremony, go on to graduate school, start a career or make wedding plans.

The Class of 2020 is faced with graduating during the worst pandemic in a century. There is uncertainty not only surrounding your graduation ceremony, but also about furthering your education and working in an economy where social distancing is required, even if just for now. Tragic news fills the airways every day. COVID-19 may
have even directly affected you, your family or friends. For you, at this milestone point in your lives, and for those directly affected, we pray.

Though you will miss the traditional graduation ceremony this month, you have been blessed with an invaluable education. Your years at Saint Peter’s University have prepared you to persevere amid this pandemic. You have advanced wisdom, knowledge, technological skills and so much more.  All of this, along with the abiding Jesuit spirit to be a person for others, will help you heal our world.

Yes, 2020 and 1970 differ, but in these ways they are the same – this pandemic and the surrounding uncertainty and insecurity will eventually end and your being a person for others and looking within will bring reward. We have full confidence that you will move on successfully in your life on whatever path you choose. We and you, as Saint Peter’s alumni, are united as one! And, yes, we say, loudly and strongly, “Congratulations!”

In the Jesuit tradition,

The Class of 1970