How to Access Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

During the COVID-19 pandemic CAPS implemented Teletherapy services.  While restrictions have begun to loosen, CAPS will continue to offer tele-mental health services as a counseling option in the 2021.2022 academic year for those appropriate for that modality. This modality is strongly recommended for unvaccinated students due to the University’s mask and social distancing suggestions.  Wearing a mask in a counseling session can limit the benefits due to the barrier they impose therefore the better option is a mask-less Teletherapy session.

The services will be by appointment only, with the exception of crisis situations. Clinicians will meet virtually with students through a secure HIPAA compliant video conference platform, which works with smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Reaching Out

Call CAPS at (201)-761-6420 or email

If no one answers, please leave a voice message or email with:

  • Your full name, student ID#,
  • Phone #,
  • SPU email address,
  • Convenient call back time (Mon-Fri 9-4)

The administrative assistant will get back to you at the time you have provided.

What You Can Expect:

  1. A call back from our Administrative Assistant
  2. She will ask a few questions to get basic information
  3. She will schedule a Registration Appointment (either for then or a later time) through a secure video platform (
  4. She will email your appointment link and a guide on how to connect with

During Your Video Registration Appointment:

  1. Paperwork: Please have 30-40 minutes available so you can review, discuss, complete and sign required documents.
  2. Scheduling: You will be scheduled for a Tele-therapy Intake Session with a clinician
  3. Email: You will be sent Video Intake appointment link

During Your Video Intake Appointment:

  1. Meet with one of our clinicians who will help you sort out your concerns, gather some background information, provide initial strategies for healthy coping, and discuss your options for further care.
  2. Together you will complete a care plan for emergencies
  3. Discuss your options for further care, some options might include:
  • Individual counseling (in-person/tele-therapy)
  • Therapy/support group
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Private Off-campus counseling
  • Consulting with a different wellness-related office on campus.


Teletherapy Pre-Appointment Guide


Please call so that we can release the time to another student.