About the Center

The counselors at Counseling and Psychological Services are available to support Saint Peter’s University students in their personal, professional and educational growth. We are staffed by mental health counselors who are trained and prepared to assist with a variety of issues commonly affecting college students. Issues typically presented at the center are stress, depression, anxiety, isolation, loneliness, family/relationship difficulties, substance abuse, eating disorders, sexual assault and various other concerns. College can at times seem overwhelming, yet with the proper tools and resources every student can make a successful transition into the next phase in their lives.

We offer students personal attention, through individual, couple or group counseling. We also provide crisis intervention, conflict mediation (with family, faculty, and peers) and if needed, appropriate referrals to other resources on and/or off campus. Additionally, The Center provides workshops, seminars, career interest testing, a self-help library and gatekeeper trainings to help community members identify signs of someone At-Risk. Our office provides a supportive environment where confidentiality is assured, please see us if you would like to obtain further information.

At The Center, we take an active role with the student population by sponsoring numerous seminars, Health and Wellness fairs, campus events and activities, which aim to promote safety and overall wellness. Our programs include topics such as: substance abuse awareness, stress management, time management, assertiveness training, coping with relationships and leading healthy lifestyles. If there are additional workshops of interest please contact us.

As a student, you too can take an active role in the wellbeing of the campus community.  Our office sponsors the Peer Educators, a program where students interested in volunteering and wellness can help encourage healthy decision-making and healthy lifestyles. The main purpose of the Peer Educators is to learn, educate and promote individual and community wellness, by providing and supporting programs that help to increase awareness about a variety of mental health issues. Trained by The Center, The Peer Educators learn about at-risk behaviors/symptoms and are an additional resource for the campus community.

To learn more about our programs and services follow the links on our site, give us a call or simply stop by. Our caring counselors are here to help!