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Global Outreach

“I see the injustices when I visit my native country, the lack of leadership and nutrition, but I also see that the people are so rich in spirit and hope.  it would be a shame if someone just let them be extinguished by the world’s and our own apathy. I do believe that those who have been blessed or who have had the opportunity to come to the USA should help those who have been less fortunate.” – GO Member, 2006

GO members on hillWe are mindful of the charge of  Jesuit Superior General Father Peter-Hans Kolvenbach,”If Jesuit institutions of higher learning are to inculcate a ‘service of faith through the promotion of justice’ it is imperative that faculty, staff and students engage in concrete learning experience in the ‘gritty’ realities of our world.”

Global Outreach (GO) is a program of the Office of Campus Ministry. GO team members volunteer annually for either a domestic or international service trip. Inspired by Ignatian Spirituality and the mission of Saint Peter’s University, participants strive to:

  • Work for justice
  • Serve with those who welcome our company
  • Learn through mutual sharing of cultural experience, understanding, and identity
  • Grow personally, spiritually, and intellectually in the Jesuit tradition

The five pillars of the Global Outreach Program:

  1. Simplicity of life
  2. Spirituality
  3. Community Living
  4. Justice
  5. Desire to Learn

Apply to be Part of the Team

If you are interested in applying to the GO TEAM , download the forms below, fill them out, and bring them to  the Office of Campus Ministry.  You will be notified of your interview and future meetings via email.

Appalachia Application

Ecuador Application

GO Appalachia Contract

GO Ecuador Contract

GO Reference