Campus Ministry

Interfaith and Ecumenism

Mukta , Niekel , and RabiaWhat if you aren’t Roman Catholic or you wonder how others experience the divine in the world?

Campus Ministry staff will assist non-Catholic students who wish to find a site of worship near campus. We also support non-Catholic student efforts to gather on campus for personal and spiritual support. If you would like information on Sunday Christian Church services,but don’t know where to go in Jersey City stop by the Office of Campus Ministry and request a “Church Walk” schedule.

The Manresa Prayer Space is located on the first floor of the Mac Mahon Student Center. This space is available to all of our students of every religion for quiet, meditation, or a small group prayer.

We come together for structured prayer or religious celebration several times a year. Our objectives are to provide a forum where community members can learn about one another and to build understanding and trust among people of different faiths on campus.

Throughout the year we host Interfaith Days of Service in our surrounding community. We also network with organizations in the Hudson County area (like United Way) to participate in interfaith events.