Donor Profiles


Kevin Downes ’73

Kevin Downes ’73, regional vice president of sales and operations at Staples, shares the reasons why he gives to Saint Peter’s.


Carmel Galasso ’79

Carmel Galasso ’79, director of housing services for United Way of Hudson County, describes her connection to Saint Peter’s and how it has developed over the years.

sinclairSinclair P. Ceasar III ’09

Sinclair P. Ceasar III ’09, residence director of Rosemont College, describes his connection to Saint Peter’s and his hopes for the University community.

anthonyAnthony Amato ’72

Anthony Amato ’72 explains how he reconnected with Saint Peter’s and what he hopes his gift will achieve.

kamenKamen Stoykov ’08

Kamen Stoykov ’08, a business analyst at TwoFour Systems, discusses what Saint Peter’s means to him and why he gives back to the University.

FrancesFrancis A. McGrail ’79

Francis A. McGrail ’79 is chairman of Students at the Center: The Campaign for Saint Peter’s University. He also serves as a vice chair on the Saint Peter’s University Board of Trustees and has been a member of the board since…

ThomasThomas P. Mac Mahon ’68

With the College poised to construct a new student center, expand academic programs and develop more competitive athletic teams, there was no better time to support Saint Peter’s, according to Thomas P. Mac Mahon ’68, chairman of Students at the Center…

Joseph and FrankJoseph Panepinto ’66 and Frank Guarini H ’94

It’s not hard to see why Joseph Panepinto ’66 and retired New Jersey Congressman Frank Guarini H ’94 are friends. Both were born on Neptune Avenue in Jersey City and were parishioners at Saint Paul’s…

Duncan familyThomas W. Duncan ’65

Thomas W. Duncan ’65 was the first in his family to attend Saint Peter’s College. He certainly wasn’t the last. The alumnus grew up in a close-knit Jersey City family and is the eldest of seven siblings, four of whom also attended alma mater

kathleenKathleen A. Gilvey Tyrrell, Esq. ’73

Board of Trustee member Kathleen A. Gilvey Tyrrell, Esq. ’73 and her husband, James E. Tyrrell, Esq., feel privileged to be part of the academic renaissance that’s underway at Saint Peter’s College…