Undergraduate Admission

Special Status Students

International Students

International students (requiring an F-1 student visa) are encouraged to apply to the full-time day session due to the enrollment requirements of the F-1 visa.  Please see the international admission website.


All veterans who were students in good standing at Saint Peter’s University before entering the service will be readmitted if they apply in due time before registration. Veterans who have not previously attended any institution of collegiate rank should follow the admission procedures for new students. Veterans who have attended another institution and wish to transfer to the University should follow the admission procedures for transfer students.

Credit for formal service courses and schools, when granted, is based on the recommendations described in A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experience Gained in the Armed Services, published by the American Council on Education. Credit also is granted for college courses sponsored by the University of Maryland and made available to service members.

Veterans who are eligible to receive tuition benefits from the Veterans Administration should file the necessary forms.

Special Needs Students

Students with learning disabilities may be admitted to Saint Peter’s University provided they meet the University’s standard requirements for admission. Saint Peter’s University does not offer a comprehensive program for students with learning disabilities. However, accommodations will be made whenever possible.