Students Present Research at Annual Academic Symposium

Over 25 research, theses and internship posters were presented by students in science and mathematics for the Annual Academic Symposium. The symposium was sponsored by Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society, the biology department, STEM Undergraduate Retention Graduation and Empowerment (SURGE) and the Office of the Academic Dean.

Biology Students and Professors Present Research Poster

On April 22 at the TriBeta Biology Honor Society Research conference at Manhattan College students presented a research poster: “The effects of triclosan and benzylbutylphthalate on the development of the Mexican axolotl (a neotenic salamander).”

Call for Abstracts for Annual Academic Symposium

This year’s Academic Symposium will be held Wednesday, April 26 at noon in the McIntyre Conference Center. The Symposium, sponsored by TriBeta, the biology department, SURGE and the academic dean’s office is open to students in any department who wish to present their research, internships, publications and other educational projects to members of the University […]

Biology Students Present Honors Research

On April 3, biology honors students, Lisa Thottumari ’17, Lauren Chukrallah ’17 and professors Laura Twersky, Ph.D., and Frances Raleigh, Ph.D., presented their research on environmental endocrine disruptors.

The Second Annual STEM Event on Campus is a Success

On Saturday, November 12, a group of approximately 109 middle, high school, and community college students, family members, Saint Peter’s undergraduate students and educators came to Saint Peter’s University to attend the second annual STEM event on campus: “The Path to the STEM Dream for Young Scholars.” This event is a collaborative effort between the […]

Students Raise Money for the Himalayan Cataract Project

Dr. Laura Twersky’s biology classes raised enough money for ten cataract operations through the Himalayan Cataract Project at the Diabesity Symposium held in Gannon Hall on November 17. The fundraiser was co-sponsored by The Office of Campus Ministry.

Four Grants Received from the TriBeta Biological Honor Society Research Foundation by Students and Faculty in the Biology Department

Grants were received for the 2016-2017 academic year from the TriBeta National Biological Honor Society Research Foundation for the following projects: Lauren Chukrallah ’17 The effects of triclosan and butylbenzylphthalate on larval development of the Mexican axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum Research advisors/collaborators: Dr. Laura Twersky and Dr. Frances Raleigh Lisa Thottumari ’17 The effects of combinations […]

Biology Students Attended the 2016 MACUB Conference

On October 29,under the mentorship of Maria Agapito, Ph.D., biology students Suyapa Penalva ’18, Merna Sawaged ’19, Sophia Touri ’18, Alexandra Marques ’18, Summen Mushtaq ’17 and Luigy Alfredo Cordova Burgos ’17 represented Saint Peter’s University at the 49th Annual Fall MACUB (Metropolitan Association of College and University Biologists) Conference held at SUNY Old Westbury, […]


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