Bachelor's & Graduate Degree Programs

Saint Peter's at the Meadowlands
Bachelor's Degree Completion & Graduate Degree Programs

Business Administration

Business Administration (BSBA)

The BSBA was developed to afford busy adults a degree option that would recognize the full range of their abilities in a convenient and flexible format. In addition to completing the general curriculum core, all BSBA candidates must complete a business core and a concentration in either accountancy, management or healthcare management.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts program in Criminal Justice provides a strong foundation in theory, practice, law, ethics, and research, and offers specializations in Police Administration, Law & Justice, Investigative Sciences & Profiling, Corrections, Research & Intelligence Analysis, and Cyber Security and Computer Forensics.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security (BPS)

The Bachelor's in Professional Studies program offers a concentration in Cyber Security for students to understand cyber security threats and vulnerabilities, and be able to help defend computer systems against cyber-attacks.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing (BPS)

The Bachelor's in Professional Studies program offers a concentration in Digital Marketing containing aspects of web development, art and design, and desktop publishing.

Elementary Education

Elementary Education (BA)

The Elementary Education (BA) program prepares students for teaching. Students will develop the professional attitudes and behaviors that emphasize the enormous responsibility of an education professional.


Humanities (BPS)

The Bachelor's of Professional Studies program offers a concentration in Humanities in which students can take courses in Literature, English, Fine Arts, Communications, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy and Theology.

Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership (BPS)

The Bachelor's in Professional Studies program offers a concentration in Organizational Learship that covers aspects of management, leadership, decision-making and intercultural relations.

Public Policy/ Urban Studies

Public Policy/ Urban Studies (BA)

The Public Policy/ Urban Studies program will transform your personal life experience into academic pursuit and preparation for work in community affairs, local, state, or federal government, political office, public or private administration, human resources and urban planning, and examine the human condition past and present holistically through ethnicity, social class, globalization, intercultural and gender sensitivity.



The RN to BSN degree program (online/on-campus) at Saint Peter’s University is designed for registered nurses who hold a nursing diploma or an associate’s degree in nursing from an accredited program. The program prepares students for generalist professional practice and leadership in a variety of settings and can be completed within 21 months.

The Bridge Option is a "bridge to a masters degree" program and is designed for RNs who hold a license from an accredited diploma or associates degree program as well as a bachelors degree in any other discipline.

The Pre-RN to BSN program allows new graduates from an accredited school of nursing to begin taking non-clinical RN to BSN or Bridge courses prior to receiving their license to practice.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences (BPS)

The Bachelor's of Professional Studies program offers a concentration in Social Sciences and allows students to take electives in Africana Studies, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, Political Science, Sociology, Urban Studies, Social Justice, Latino Studies and Gender & Sexuality Studies.

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA program develops the complex, interrelated skills that companies seek to remain competitive in today’s complex business world. The various specializations that represent the suite of MBA programs comprise a series of integrated courses and learning experiences which produces graduates who are technologically savvy, skilled in adapting to change, and focused on business innovation.

Master's in Education

Master's in Education (MA)

The Master's in Education program enables classroom teachers, educational professionals, administrators, and leaders to continue their professional development. The program prepares individuals with the knowledge needed to advance their careers, as well as trains qualified candidates wishing to enter the teaching and counseling professions.

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