Accessible & Affordable

We are perfectly situated to serve the needs of our neighborhood as well as corporate neighbors and busy adult students even better. With Saint Peter’s University at the Meadowlands, the opportunity to complete your Bachelor’s degree or earn your Graduate degree has never been easier!



Saint Peter’s at the Meadowlands is located at 1280 Wall Street West, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071.

Accessible Location

The new Saint Peter's University co-location with Bergen Community College is located at 1280 Wall Street West in Lyndhurst, NJ where Routes 17 and 3 intersect.

On-campus, online and hybrid courses also available.

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Affordable Degree

○ Bachelor’s Degree Completion (incl. RN to BSN):
$495 Per Credit
○ MBA Fall Promotion - *Buy One, Get One Free:
$1,148 Per Credit
○ Graduate Education Degree Tuition Rate:
$1,104 Per Credit

(*must enroll in two courses)

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All the amenities an adult learner needs to make achieving higher education goals more convenient:

○ Computer Lab
○ Academic Advisement
○ Library
○ Gourmet Dining Services
○ Free Parking
○ Corporate Conference Center Access

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Convenient Schedule

Late afternoon, evening, online and hybrid courses

Adult Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree
○ 8-Week Terms
○ Starting in August, October, January, March, May and June

Graduate Business
○ 11-week Trimester Terms
○ Starting in Sept, Nov, Feb and May (Summer)

Graduate Education
○ 16-week Semester Terms
○ Starting in Sept, Jan, May and July (Summer)

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Welcome to Saint Peter’s University at the Meadowlands! We will assist and support you by providing an enriching, engaging, and rewarding collegiate experience. We hope you visit us soon!

Donna Furina,
Program Advisor

Connect with Saint Peter's at the Meadowlands

Connect with Saint Peter's at the Meadowlands
1280 Wall Street West Lyndhurst, NJ 07071