Data Science


10 reasons why data scientists need to learn Java

Python and R have long been the two languages said to have a hold on the data science world, but that’s not to say they’re the only languages worth using for data science. Java is, in fact, a great language for doing data science — in this article, Aaron Lazar offers 10 reasons why Java […]

Learning About Machine Learning

And now, the rise of the machines — or, at least, machine learning. This movement has been a long time coming, as artificial intelligence (AI) is moving ever-farther into real-world business applications where once it was too expensive (or too conceptual) to embrace. Through improving technology and decreasing costs, AI and Big Data are now… […]

Digital technology may start a new scientific revolution in social research

Through instruments such as the telescope and microscope, humans have been able to learn about organisms and the physical world they live in. Yet although we’ve studied human behaviour and societies for a long time, we did not have an instrument as powerful as the telescope or microscope to observe the patterns of human behaviour. […]

Today’s Automotive Data Science: The Future Is Now

About 80% of the data dealers need to access and leverage for their business is readily available now There is a lot of discussion going on these days regarding how big data will be a benefit to dealerships, manufacturers, and consumers in the future. Some of these claims include…Read more

Embrace technology, don’t fear it, says data scientist

The key to a digitised future lies in embracing technology rather than fearing it, says one data scientist. Future Crunch came to Taranaki on Monday to talk about the future of economy and the technological trends shaping the way people live, work and play in the 21st century. Speaker Tané Hunter from Future Crunch, a […]

Artificial Insurance? How Machine Learning is Transforming Underwriting

For an industry that has proven resistant to change for centuries, insurance is now undergoing a digital revolution. With the advent of more machine learning algorithms, underwriters are bringing in more information to better gauge risk and offer more tailor-made premium pricing. On the back end, the insurance process is being streamlined to connect applicants […]

Careers in big data are booming

It’s no surprise that careers in big data are booming. What is surprising is the new demand for data scientists. These experts are coming from a variety of business and computational sciences fields and, as it turns out, big data is a segment that requires all comers. Movies like “Moneyball,” companies like Netflix, and statisticians […]

Data Science is next big thing in decision-making

When you buy a product from an online marketplace, have you ever wondered how your order gets processed among millions of others? Does it baffle you how some banks use chatbots to solve customer queries based on transaction history, or that financial and portfolio management institutions deploy sentiment analysis and algorithms to consistently generate handsome […]

Machine Learning, what is it?

When it comes to big data or even data science in itself, we often think of machine learning. The power of machine learning was discovered in the late twentieth century and is now becoming extremely important in many industries. But what is machine learning and why is it useful? Simply put, ML, or machine learning, […]