Data Science


Top 5 questions for data scientists

Data scientists are increasingly important to organizations as decisions become more data driven. You need to be able to tell the real and talented data scientists from a charlatan who talks the talk. Here are five questions every data scientist should be able to answer…Read More

Data scientists are tech-minded problem-solvers

“If you ask 10 different people what a data scientist is, you’ll get about 10 different answers,” says Cal Al-Dhubaib. As someone who strives to make others aware about this burgeoning career, Al-Dhubaib defines data science as the process of using programming and statistics to solve meaningful business problems…Read more

What Are The Top Five Skills Data Scientists Need?

What are the top 5 skills needed to become a data scientist? originally appeared on Quora – the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world…Read more

Five building blocks of a data-driven culture

How can organizations leverage data as a strategic asset? Data comes at a high price. Businesses must pay for data collection and cleansing, hosting and maintenance, salaries of data engineers, data scientists and analysts, risk of breach and so on…Read more

Why creatives and data scientists should walk hand in hand

It isn’t news that marketers across the spectrum are dealing with overwhelming amounts of data. A KPMG study recently revealed that 97% of businesses use data and analytics in some area of their organisation, and research firm International Data Corporation has predicted worldwide revenues for business analytics will reach over £147 billion by 2019… Read […]


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