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Daniel Fried,

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

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About Dr. Fried

I grew up in Kingston, New York and attended SUNY Binghamton as a biochemistry major. I then completed my MS and PhD in Chemistry at Yale University, where I worked in the laboratory of Alanna Schepartz and helped develop a technology for fluorescent sensing of protein folded state. I then completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Weizmann Institute of Science where I studied bacterial cellulosome enzyme complexes in the laboratory of Ed Bayer. My current research involves engineering protein and enzymes, and developing new methods and content for chemistry education in K-12.

“I try to give students as much support as possible so that they have every opportunity to succeed. I create many of my own teaching slides, diagrams, animations, and other exercises that give students new angles to approach the subject. I also use a variety of modeling exercises to make chemistry tangible to students. I believe that anyone can learn anything if they put time into their studies, and are matched with a caring and involved instructor.”

Research Interests

  • Protein structure
  • Protein engineering
  • I also create enhanced approaches to elementary science education

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Career & Accomplishments


  • Yale University, Ph.D.

  • Yale University, M.A.

  • Binghamton University, B.A.


  • Yale Excellence in Teaching Award.