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About Dr. Traba

Since joining the faculty at Saint Peter’s University in August 2013, Dr. Christian Traba has taken on the role as the Analytical Chemist and teaches General Chemistry I & II, Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, and two new courses entitled Polymer Functionality and Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Aside from the courses that Dr. Traba Teaches, he started the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory. The research focus of the lab involves functional and responsive/intelligent polymers and their potential pharmaceutical and biomedical applications. In these six years, the lab has published six peer-reviewed manuscripts, with four in preparation. Four of the publications have students as co-authors. The lab originally began operation with one Research Assistant and now has now grown to approximately 15 Research Assistants, with more wanting to join the lab every semester. More

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab, under the supervision of Dr. Traba, has provided a strong training environment for all undergraduate students who have joined the lab. In fact, all seven graduates from the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory are pursuing careers in science and/or medicine:

  • Accelerated Nursing program at Rutgers
  • Medical school at UMDNJ
  • Pharmacy School at Rutgers
  • Chemistry PhD programs at Stevens Institute of Technology and CUNY
  • “The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab, under the supervision of Dr. Traba, provides a nurturing environment for undergraduates looking to pursue careers in the science and medical field. The lab produces competent students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a very competitive and demanding field. The research opportunities associated with the lab allow the Research Assistants to present their work at the Academic Symposium at Saint Peter’s, as well as other poster presentations and talks at other colleges and universities, including national conferences. Student exposure to the research of others is vital to the success of the student when he/she graduates.”

    Career & Accomplishments


    • Stevens Institute of Technology, Ph.D.

    • Wagner College, B.S.

    Awards and Grants

    • U.S. Department of Education Title III Grant PO31C160038 Co-ordinator

    • Cross-Linked Functionalized Nanocoatings as Anti-Infection Agents, National Institute of Health R15 AI133487 (Submitted)


    Anti-infection silver nanoparticle immobilized biomaterials facilitated by argon plasma grafting technology
    A. Ambi, N. Parikh, C. Vera, K. Burns, N. Montano, L. Sciorra, J. Epstein, D. Zeng, and C. Traba, 2018 – Taylor & Francis

    Plasma-initiated graft polymerization as an immobilization platform for metal free Russian propolis ethanol extracts designed specifically for biomaterials
    A. Ambi, C. Vera, N. Parikh, N. Perez, A. Lopez Roja, C. Strandford, C. Traba – 2018 – Taylor & Francis

    Are Russian propolis ethanol extracts the future for the prevention of medical and biomedical implant contaminations?
    A. Ambi, J. Bryan, K. Borbon, D. Centeno, T. Liu, T.P. Chen, T. Cattabiani, C. Traba – 2017, Elsevier

    The mechanism of action of Russian propolis ethanol extracts against two antibiotic‐resistant biofilm‐forming bacteria
    J. Bryan, P. Redden, C. Traba – 2016 – Wiley Online Library

    Bacteria responsive antibacterial surfaces for indwelling device infections
    C. Traba, J.F. Liang – Journal of controlled release , 2015

    The inactivation of Staphylococcus aureus biofilms using low-power argon plasma in a layer-by-layer approach
    C. Traba, J.F. Liang – 2015, Taylor & Francis

    Low power gas discharge plasma mediated inactivation and removal of biofilms formed on biomaterials

    C. Traba, L. Chen, J.F. Liang -, Elsevier, 2013

    Insights into discharge argon-mediated biofilm inactivation
    C. Traba, L Chen, D Liang, R Azzam, JF Liang – Taylor & Francis, 2013

    Susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus biofilms to reactive discharge gases
    C. Traba, J.F. Liang – Taylor & Francis, 2011


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