A Digital Timeline


The format of a historical timeline with more or less detailed annotations was decided on with the interests of potential readers in mind.  We assumed that the casual browser might wish to  focus on the years of his or her time at Saint Peter’s, and a timeline seemed the best way to make that easy.  However, for readers who would like more detailed information about the University’s history, the O’Toole Library and its Archives Department maintain a rich array of resources. Inquiries may be addressed to

The creation of the timeline has involved a long series of decisions about what to include and what to omit, and we are of course aware that we cannot claim to have made the right calls in all cases.  So we apologize in advance to any parties who may feel they have been unjustly passed over.

A few broad principles of selection may be outlined here. In recognition of individual faculty accomplishments we felt there was no way to avoid unfairly privileging the faculty members we have known and worked with personally over their predecessors and successors, and therefore this timeline does not purport to point out particularly distinguished teachers and scholars.  Individual faculty (and administrators) figure in the timeline only when there is a particular reason for spotlighting them, for instance, a chair endowed in memory of a particular professor or a woman who was the first to occupy a particular senior leadership position.

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