Happy April Fool’s Day

No, you didn’t imagine it.  On April Fool’s Day there was a tiny TARDIS on the homepage, tucked into the image promoting our very popular Data Science Trends News Service. Higher Education loves to have a little 4/1 fun with the web and we’re proud to take part in the tradition with a nod to the wildly popular BBC series, Doctor Who. Fans of the series will recognize how this picture, which was already in use on the homepage (sans TARDIS), looks remarkably similar to the show’s opening.

April Fool's TARDIS

In keeping with the theme the subsequent page had a much more subtle substitution. Only the most eagle-eyed, tipped off by the TARDIS image, noticed this one.  Then again, this picture was off in the corner.  You know the one, exactly where you don’t want to look, where you never want to look… Happy April Fool’s Day!

Happy April Fool's Day!