University Communications

Logos and Graphic Usage Guide

Our institutional identity is more than our name or logo. It’s the way we look, act, and speak. Our identity is the essence of this institution. It explains what we’re all about. When we live up to our institutional identity, everyone we reach out to—potential and current students, faculty and staff, alumni and friends, parents, and our community—has a clear picture of who we are and what we stand for. Better yet, they feel as if they can connect with us.

Graphic Identity

For additional versions please contact University Communications (.eps, .ai, alternate colors, higher resolution, etc.)


•    University PowerPoint Templates – available on the intranet (requires login)
•    Word Letterhead Templates – available on the intranet (requires login)
•    Flyer and Brochure Templates (Word) – available on the intranet (requires login)

Desktop Backgrounds

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