Saint Peter’s University Political Science Professor Available to Speak on Upcoming Elections

Alain Sanders, political science professor at Saint Peter’s University, is available for comment on the U.S. Senate race as well as the 2016 presidential race and the possible candidates.


Alain Sanders, professor of political science, currently teaches a wide variety of courses on U.S. politics at Saint Peter’s University. Sanders was previously a journalist for 21 years and served as a senior reporter for Time magazine where he wrote for every major news section of the magazine. He has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows to discuss and analyze political developments. Sanders can provide insight on the 2016 presidential race and the U.S. Senate race.


Beginning September 23, 2014


Alain Sanders, political science professor at Saint Peter’s University

Among related topics, Sanders can discuss:

  • The type of candidate the Democratic Party seeks for the 2016 presidential campaign
  • Republican Party frontrunners for the presidential election
  • Hillary Clinton’s potential position in the race
  • Candidates in the U.S. Senate race in states such as New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts
  • How the Senate race can ultimately impact the presidential race

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