Saint Peter’s University Professor Available for Comment on Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight

Barna Donovan, Ph.D., chairman of the master’s program in strategic communications at Saint Peter’s University and conspiracy theory author, is available for comment on the development of conspiracy theories surrounding the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.


The lack of information regarding the location of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has resulted in a number of conspiracy theories surrounding the mystery. Donovan is available to identify what some of these conspiracy theories are, the reasons for their development and their potential impact.


Thursday, March 13


Barna Donovan, Ph.D., chairman of the master’s program in strategic communications and associate professor of communication at Saint Peter’s University, is the acclaimed author of three books. He is the author of the book Conspiracy Films: A Tour of Dark Places in the American Conscious and his commentary on conspiracy theories, popular culture, and film have been quoted in media outlets such as the BBC, The Buddy Cianci Show, Yahoo News,, MSNBC, CBS News, LiveScience and in various publications from Europe to Latin America.


“Conspiracy theories in any discussion or story about the Malaysia Airlines situation have the perfect place to flourish because there seems to be absolutely no plausible explanation for what could have happened. In fact, even most of the conspiracy theories seem to come up short because of one major problem: the plane completely disappeared from the radar. The majority of the conspiracy theories on the internet now suggest that the plane was hijacked. Some say it was taken by North Koreans and flown to that country or taken by Iran. However, the fact remains that the plane disappeared off the radar. Even if a gang of hijackers turned off the plane’s transponder, it would still be visible on radar. Even if the plane was blown up by a bomb or blown up by a missile, it would leave debris on the water. A plane is full of buoyant materials that would float on the surface of the ocean. So right now, even the conspiracy theories come up short. Meanwhile, speculations of the fantastic and supernatural are also spreading on the Internet, like speculations about a UFO abduction or a Bermuda Triangle-like disappearance. Unfortunately, these speculations are at the expense of the individuals suffering through a tragedy.”


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