Undergraduate Admission

Edward Moskal

Edward MoskalEdward Moskal, M.S., M.M.S. ’79
Chair of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences
Director of the Master’s Program in Cyber Security

I’ve been teaching at Saint Peter’s University for the past 14 years.  In addition to my role as the chair of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, I’m director of the master’s program in cyber security and I helped spearhead the new Cyber Security Center on campus.  I recently completed a fellowship at the University of Notre Dame where I worked in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in designing a Cyber Security Center.  I also taught graduate and undergraduate courses in cyber security and digital forensics.

The new Cyber Security Center at Saint Peter’s was designed in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Center of Excellence located in Rockville, Maryland.  It provides hands-on learning opportunities for students to analyze risk across multiple platforms and simulate defensive actions from new and existing cyber threats.  It allows us to educate, train and fill the ever increasing cyber security job market with students who have the expertise in knowing how to protect and defend computer systems and networks from cyber attacks.

Through the Cyber Security Center, students learn about software and tools that can be used to protect the cyber environment of an organization.  They have access to state-of-the-art technology including SANS Forensics Investigative Toolkit, the Department of Homeland Security Cyber Security Evaluation Toolkit, and much more.  Some of our related initiatives include growing the Cyber Security Club, successful internship placements for cyber security students at top companies, and an upcoming Cyber Security Case Study Competition with Kaspersky Lab and The Economist.  

Prior to my role at Saint Peter’s, I worked in the information technology industry for 25 years. My most recent position was with Ernst & Young, LLP, where I led the New York Office Application Controls and Security Practice.  Some of the work that stands out in my mind are the risk assessments I did for the New York Stock Exchange, designing and implementing a global security architecture for American Express, and designing the security architecture and computer system controls for the New Jersey E-Z Pass system.