Strategic Plan

Strengthening Organizational Effectiveness

VISION 2015 is a historic opportunity for Saint Peter’s College to build on its traditions and strengths while deepening its commitment to providing an outstanding Jesuit liberal arts education. Four initiatives—strengthen long-term finances, increase voluntary giving, further communication strategies and assess progress— will support organizational effectiveness and help to secure our future.

Strengthening Long-Term Finances

Over the past decade Saint Peter’s has achieved a level of financial stability that positions it well for the immediate future. Even stronger finances are required to attract and retain superb faculty and provide facilities that serve the evolving needs of students and our educational programs. To achieve this goal, we will create a strategic financial management plan, ensure the allocation of resources to strategic priorities, elevate fiscal transparency and maximize our assets.

Increasing Voluntary Giving

Saint Peter’s has always relied on the time, talent and treasure of alumni and friends who have given so much to the College. To ensure the success of VISION 2015, we will be looking to longtime sources of support, as well as some new ones.

The College is currently engaged in the silent phase of an ambitious capital campaign to build a multimillion dollar student center, among other priorities. “Folks are stepping up,” said Vice President for Advancement Michael A. Fazio, who is a member of the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee. “It’s overwhelming and so encouraging to visit with alumni and friends who believe in what Saint Peter’s College is and what it can become. The future of Saint Peter’s is very bright.”

Furthering Communication Strategies

Sustained, two-way dialogue between all of the College constituencies is needed to support the goals of VISION 2015. We will continue to employ better communication strategies—from the newly designed Saint Peter’s College magazine to initiatives utilizing the Internet and social networking—to inform all stakeholders of the exciting progress happening at Saint Peter’s College. The College will also update its branding and marketing campaign to prospective students and parents to further raise the profile of The Jesuit College of New Jersey.

Assessing Progress

Strategic plans are not static documents. Rather, they serve as a dynamic blueprint that must be evaluated continually to ensure that the needs and dreams of the Saint Peter’s College community are met. In addition, we will expand the College’s assessment model further to evaluate and improve student learning, academic programs and services.

Saint Peter’s College: Vision 2015

With strengthened finances, a successful capital campaign, a more engaged alumni network and heightened visibility in higher education markets, Saint Peter’s will be well-positioned to provide future generations of students an excellent Jesuit education informed by Ignatian values. “We are going to be among the most well-run colleges within our benchmark institutions,” said Kenneth Payne, vice president for finance and business and a member of the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee. “President Cornacchia has assembled a team that can make this happen.”