Strategic Plan

Building Enrollment

Saint Peter’s College has come a long way in a short period of time. Applications have skyrocketed. New and innovative academic programs are thriving. Jersey City is in the midst of an extraordinary renaissance. Still, our Jesuit tradition calls us to envision more: to adapt, grow and plan for excellence. VISION 2015 builds on existing strengths and progress in order to increase enrollment, advance innovation, and expand capacity as a comprehensive institution of higher education.

Increase Enrollment to 3,500 Students

The growth and expansion of academic and pre-professional programs has strengthened and broadened the Saint Peter’s student body. Greater numbers of adult learners including graduate, evening and weekend students are seeking a Saint Peter’s education and today, nearly 40 percent of degrees awarded are at the graduate level. By continuing to respond to the needs of students and the demands of a changing workforce, Saint Peter’s will boost its enrollment from 3,100 to 3,500 students while remaining steadfast in its commitment to “Education. One Student at a Time.”

Advance Innovation

As an institution that values creativity and innovation, Saint Peter’s must look beyond its campus to further its mission. In addition to building upon our four graduate programs and establishing doctoral programs, we will continue to actively engage with communities and organizations where we can make a meaningful difference. Further investment in state-of-the-art technology is needed to support educational excellence and make our campus more conducive to new and imaginative ways to teach, learn and conduct research.

Build Capacity

Saint Peter’s College has become a comprehensive institution of higher education offering a wider variety of academic programs. The College now offers more than 48 undergraduate majors, 40 minors and a comprehensive array of graduate degrees. A growing portion of the student body is adult learners (this year the College awarded more than 300 master’s degrees) studying in the evenings and on weekends, at two campuses and several sites throughout New Jersey.

While remaining committed to the College’s teaching mission, the Saint Peter’s faculty is actively engaged in research and other scholarly activities in their respective fields. Saint Peter’s also promotes linkages to the wider community through programs of outreach and public service. The College plans to further its service to students and become a regional and national resource through new and longstanding centers of excellence such as the Center for Microplasma Science and Technology; the Guarini Institute for Government; the Institute for Advancement of Urban Education, Research and Action; the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning; and
the PARSE Institute (Practical Application of Research in Science Education).

“The range of learners we service and the diversity of programs we now offer at multiple locations present capacity for future growth,” explained Virginia Bender, Ph.D., ’78, special assistant to the president for institutional planning and a member of the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee. “There’s a real energy at Saint Peter’s for these strategic directions.”

It’s forward looking, yet realistic because it reflects the desire to move ahead while retaining the interpersonal relationships that are at the heart of the Saint Peter’s experience.

Saint Peter’s University: Vision 2015

By building capacity to accommodate greater numbers of diverse learners, more individuals will benefit from Jesuit education. New graduate degree and doctoral programs will make it possible for more Saint Peter’s graduates to continue and advance their education at The Jesuit College of New Jersey. And with an established reputation for creativity and innovation in urban education, Saint Peter’s will be a recognized resource for the study and investigation of ideas and research that helps move the world forward.