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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The BSBA was developed to afford busy adults a degree option that would recognize the full range of their abilities in a convenient and flexible format. In addition to completing the general curriculum core, all BSBA candidates must complete a business core and a concentration in either accountancy, management or healthcare management.

In addition to the core curriculum requirements, BSBA students must complete the business core courses and concentration courses as detailed on the following pages.

New Concentrations

  • Cyber Security (available on-line)
  • Digital Marketing
  • General Studies
  • Humanities
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Social Sciences

Business Core Requirements

All BSBA majors will take a core of business courses. These courses are the com­mon subjects that differentiate a business degree from other degree programs. The following is a list of these courses.

Core Courses
BA-155 Principles of Marketing 3
BA-151 Principles of Management 3
AC-151 Principles of Accounting I 3
AC-152 Principles of Accounting II 3
BL-161 Introduction to Law and Contracts 3
EC-101 Macroeconomic Principles 3
EC-102 Microeconomic Principles 3
EC-300 Statistics for Business and Economics 3
FN-410 Business Finance (required for accounting majors) 3
or FN-401 Introduction to Corporate Finance 3
Total Credits 27

Special Note on Core Curriculum

Students in the BSBA programs are encouraged to take CS-150 as part of their natural science requirement.

Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Concentration in Business Management

Business Core 27
BA-240 Organizational Behavior 3
BA-282 Leadership 3
BA-347 International Management 3
BA-458 Business Strategy 3
BA-496 Seminar in Business Administration 3
BA-325 Ethics: Business and Economic Community 3
Total Credits 45

Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Concentration in Healthcare Management

Business Core 27
HM-210 Healthcare Issues and Organization 3
HM-310 Budgeting and Financing in the Healthcare Industry 3
HM-380 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare Management 3
HM-480 Advanced Concepts in Healthcare Management and Marketing 3
BA-458 Business Strategy 3
BA-465 Executive Seminar 3
Total Credits 45

Special Note on Major Requirements

Business Administration majors are required to maintain a 2.3 average or higher in all of their BA and cognate requirements in order to graduate.