Saint Peter’s Community Celebrates Mass of the Holy Spirit

On Wednesday, the Saint Peter’s community came together at St. Aedan’s: The Saint Peter’s University Church to celebrate the Mass of The Holy Spirit. This ceremony, which dates back to the Middle Ages, marks the traditional start of the year at Jesuit schools around the world. The Mass was open to all members of the community. Music was provided by Joseph Legaspi, D.M., University music director, and SCHOLA, the University’s liturgical choir. Students, faculty and staff participated as greeters, lectors and Eucharistic ministers.

The presider over the Mass was Rev. Matthew F. Malone, S.J., president and editor in chief of America Media. During the homily, Fr. Malone discussed his ideas about the saints throughout his life. While as a boy he thought they led boring lives because they always followed the rules, his opinion changed as he matured.

“It is not the church that makes saints; it is the love of God within us,” explained Fr. Malone. “This love is within every one of us and a lifelong ‘yes’ to God’s invitation is what makes a saint.” He called on the congregation to try being a saint and to say ‘yes’ to God’s invitation.

The Mass was followed by a BBQ in Panepinto Plaza.