Welcome Class of 2019!

It wDSC_0933as just after 9:00 a.m. when cars, SUVs and trucks began to line up on the side of Glenwood Avenue on Saturday, August 22. Trunks began to unlock and open, revealing cases and cardboard boxes filled with clothes, notebooks, fans and array of other items. The Peacock Flock, a group of student volunteers, could be seen helping families and friends unload vehicles and carting belongings to either Millennium or Whelan Hall.

It was Freshmen Move-in Day, where Saint Peter’s welcomed the Class of 2019 as well as transfer students to the University’s residence halls. The day was the kickoff for Orientation, a  two-day event, in which the students became acquainted with the University’s resources and began to build new relationships on campus.

Joining Saint Peter’s this year are approximately 650 freshmen and transfer students. The University is also anticipating a total of more than 2,000 full-time undergraduates — the largest number in 20 years —along with an estimated 1,200 adult undergraduate and graduate students.