Alumni Make Connections at Alumni in Finance Network Event

Saint Peter’s University alumni in the business and financial sector, as well as students interested in business management, gathered at the Down Town Association in New York for an Alumni in Finance (AiF) event on December 4. Thomas M. Joyce, former chairman and CEO of Knight Capital group, served as the guest speaker for those in attendance.

Joyce, a recognized leader in the financial services industry, has more than 30 years of experience, most recently as chairman of Knight Capital Group. During his discussion, Joyce spoke about the securities industry market structure and how competition, regulation and technology are impacting its financial design. In addition, he discussed the importance of ethics and strong management, as well as the value of leaders in organizations setting the overall tone.

“Have you ever taken a young child bowling and they put up the bumpers in the lane? The market should have statistical and metaphorical bumpers combined with human oversight,” he said.

Joyce also discussed why it is important to operate in a state of transparency and the importance of building relationships. He said, “People respond to incentives. The single greatest currency we have is relationships.”

Alumni in Finance’s true purpose is to gather individuals in related fields together for a night of networking. President and CEO of Jordan & Jordan and member of the AiF Host Committee Thomas J. Jordan ’63 said, “In today’s world, we are into Facebook and Twitter. But there is nothing like meeting face to face.”

The recent Financial Information Summit 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient added, “I just met an alum today looking for a job and I introduced her to my human resources person.”

This is the exact reason Lisa Dunphy ’13, who graduated with a dual master’s in human resources and accounting, attended AiF. She said, “I am looking for a full time job right now, so it’s a great way to network.”

Corien John ’03 agreed, saying, “I want to gain contacts and network with people I went to school with to find out what opportunities are out there.”

The Alumni in Finance Network, now in its fourth year, unites Saint Peter’s University graduates and friends from all fields of finance. The Network provides an opportunity for individuals to participate, learn, exchange ideas and explore new professional relationships while connecting and engaging with the University.

Joyce encourages other alumni from the business world to attend the next AiF event. “I would say it’s a good safety net to be part of a bigger community,” he said. “You have to be on the lookout for new possibilities. Someday, those relationships can broaden your horizons.”