A Word from the Wise

Every day at Saint Peter’s College, students are learning and studying in preparation for the career path that interests them. Between exams, papers and projects, students are working hard to prepare for their future, but despite all this hard work in the classroom there is nothing that compares to experience.

At Saint Peter’s College there are lots of programs that offer real-life career experience and students are eligible for internships as early as their freshman year, but what are these programs and how do you land that exciting internship? This is where the Mentoring Program comes in.

The Mentoring Program was developed in 2005 based on a suggestion from the Saint Peter’s College Board of Regents to pair students with alumni who share a similar career path or interests. Bill Armbruster ’71, a freelance journalist and a member of the Saint Peter’s College Board of Regents, became the chairman of the Mentoring Program and currently has two mentees, a junior and a senior at the College.

“One of the greatest benefits of the Mentoring Program is that professionals who have been out in the world, can share their experience with the students who are preparing for their careers,” said Armbruster. “The students are getting valuable advice from individuals who were once in their position. Personally, I also find it to be extremely rewarding and I think that is true for most mentors in the program.”

Armbruster’s current mentors are Suegatha Kai ’12 and Semiray Kasoolu ’13 and while both students are advocates for the program, they have different reasons behind their support.

Kasoolu is an international student who came to the United States from Bulgaria in 2010 to study at Saint Peter’s College. Kasoolu is pursuing a double major in accounting and economics and is currently interning at Goldman Sachs. She joined the Mentoring Program through the advice of another student who was involved and she couldn’t be happier about joining. “It is wonderful to connect with someone who also studied at Saint Peter’s and can provide you with advice that will help you get the most out of your college experience,” said Kasoolu. “The mentorship has not only provided me with insight on what my options are when I graduate, but Mr. Bill’s stories have given me a better understanding of the culture here.”

Kai, on the other hand, is utilizing the Mentoring Program for help with her career path. Kai is a sociology major and is interested in going into international community development. Armbruster has been helping Kai with her resume and has helped her get an internship with the International Institute of New Jersey. “Mr. Bill is a very engaged mentor and this program isn’t just about help with finding a job, but it is connecting with professionals who are truly interested in your success,” said Kai.

Participation in the program is open to all students and the frequency of meetings and discussions with mentors is a matter of preference. If you are interested in becoming involved with the program as a mentor or mentee, please contact Jenny Campbell at or (201) 761-6112.