Faculty and Staff Honored at Inaugural College Community Donor Appreciation Luncheon

On Monday, November 29, Eugene Cornacchia, Ph.D., president of Saint Peter’s College, welcomed members of the faculty and staff to the inaugural College Community Donors Appreciation Luncheon to thank them for their generous support of Saint Peter’s.

Dr. Cornacchia told the community that their contributions were more than just a monetary sum. “You show confidence and belief in the College’s mission and vision, you send a strong message to other donors about their involvement in the institution’s success, and most importantly, your investments strongly impact each and every one of the College’s students,” he said.

According to the president, Saint Peter’s saw a 28 percent increase in dollars contributed by the College community, nearly $65,000, compared to the previous year, as well as an 18 percent increase in contributing donors.

Dr. Cornacchia then turned the floor over to Allyson Pullis ’12, a scholarship student, who highlighted her numerous academic, leadership and community service accomplishments, attributing her success to the generosity of donors like those in the audience. “Thank you all for giving so generously to Saint Peter’s College. Because you gave, I can give back to our community. Because you gave, I can succeed. And it’s not just me, there are many more students like me, who, thanks to you, have been given opportunities that otherwise would have only been a dream.”

Guests were treated to a delicious lunch where scientists, professors, deans and librarians could be found mingling with team members from Residence Life, Career Services, Admission, the Office of Advancement and External Affairs, the Center for Personal Development, and Athletics, among others.

Director of Residence Life David Surratt said to his colleagues at his table, “In my interactions with our students on a daily basis, I can see first-hand the impact that these donations have on them. I hope that our college community continues with its generosity and that this luncheon turns into an annual event.”