Jesuit News Publication Features Article by SPC’s Father Michael Braden, S.J.

The online monthly Jesuit news publication Connections February 2009 issue features an article by Father Michael Braden, S.J., on how to enrich identity through diversity, and the striking varieties—spiritual and ethnological—found at Saint Peter’s College.

Upon his arrival at Saint Peter’s College in August 2008, Father Braden was struck by the “incredible diversity of the student body.” Jumping feet first into his role as vice president of Mission and Ministry, Father Braden found his mission: to “help our young people find, not a cause for fear and violence, but an invitation to discover mutual respect and peace.”

In order to do this, Father Braden is blending two practices—the work of the Interfaith Youth Core and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola—by bringing in speakers, holding classes that examine social and cultural histories, and inviting student clubs to share with the College community the best of their cultures. In turn, these exchanges will bring to light the fact that faith exists in all cultures.

To learn more about Father Braden’s work at Saint Peter’s College, read his article in Connections magazine or the article about him in the SPC magazine fall 2008 issue.