“Mr. and Miss Information” Will Dispel Myths of Alcohol Abuse on Campus

Jersey City, NJ – The Saint Peter’s College Center for Personal Development has launched a new social norms program that aims to curb alcohol abuse. Six Saint Peter’s students have been named “Mr. and Miss Information” and have begun attending campus events, dressed in identifiable costumes, to pass out literature and other promotional items that point out that Saint Peter’s students do not drink as much or as frequently as is perceived. “The goal of the program is to correct students’ misperceptions about peer alcohol use at the College,” Kara Azzato, a counselor and the program’s director said. “Surveys conducted on campus by the Center for Personal Development indicate that students believe their peers drink considerably more frequently and in much greater quantities than what they actually consume.” The Center for Personal Development chose six students who are committed to making healthy choices and to being positive role models on campus. “When you are in high school, you have the perception that college is a time to drink, so when you get here, that is what you do,” junior Simona Dambauskas said. “Then, when you see the survey results you realize that your classmates don’t drink as much or as often as what you thought. That eliminates peer pressure and helps you make better decisions.” Dambauskas and the other five involved students, will share the following survey results with their classmates: • 7 out of 10 SPC students drink twice a month or less. • Most SPC students have 0,1,2,3 or at most 4 drinks when they drink. • 97% of SPC students believe drinking should never interfere with academic or other responsibilities.