Global Learning

Economic Hardship Work Permit


To be eligible a student must prove to the satisfaction of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that:

  1. the employment is necessary to address a financial need beyond the student’s control;
  2. the need was unforeseen at the time the student applied to the school; and
  3. all other available employment opportunities are insufficient.

Apply for an Economic Hardship Work Permit

To apply student must be currently maintaining status and must have maintained F-1 status for 1 full academic year. If issued, the 1 year permit may be used for off-campus employment.  Authorization ends when the student transfers schools.  During the regular academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring terms) it is a part-time permit allowing no more than 20 hours of employment per week.  During official summer and holiday breaks the permit may be used for full-time employment. This type of permit does not affect practical training eligibility. Applications for a renewal follow the same criteria. Renewals are not guaranteed. Students may not begin working off-campus until they have received a valid permit (EAD card).

Contact the International Student Coordinator for more information and an application.