Enrollment Guide

Enrollment Guide

Congratulations on your acceptance to Saint Peter’s University, the Jesuit University of New Jersey! We are so glad you have decided to join our community. Have you visited campus yet? There is still time to make arrangements to take a tour. While you’re here, you can meet with your financial aid counselor or find out more about a program you’re particularly interested in at Saint Peter’s.

Please take a few minutes to browse through the information we have gathered for you to help make your transition to Saint Peter’s go as smoothly as possible. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admission at (201) 761-7100. Please check the enrollment guide periodically to see if there is new and/or updated information. future alumni

Enrollment Roadmap

You are part of a University Community now and we have got your back in transitioning to campus life! Let's start with some action items to organize important next steps and contact information.

To-Do before Arriving on Campus

File FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Visit www.fafsa.ed.gov to complete your FAFSA. Saint Peter’s requires students who are seeking need based or merit based (scholarships/grants) financial assistance to complete the FAFSA. Our federal school code is: 002638. Be sure to consult with the Financing Your Education section of this guide for more detailed information on financial aid and financial plans.

Complete your Housing Application (Resident Students must have paid a $250 Housing Deposit) to secure your place in University housing. Your Housing Application is both informational and a promise. The information you provide helps us understand your personal preferences for a roommate and lifestyle. We will work to match you to the compatible roommate.

Send all required health and immunization forms. You will find details along with a link to download the Entrance Packet on the Health Services website. Students may have restrictions for moving into residence OR registering for future terms if required paperwork is not received prior to the start of the semester.

Sign up for placement testing dates and orientation. Orientation will provide you detailed information about how you will get started as a Saint Peter’s University student.

Send all final, official academic transcripts to Admissions. Final transcripts showing proof of graduation, final grades and proof of completing your year (or semester) is required before you can start classes. Missing final documents may have an impact on future registration and enrollment.

Return special program Intent to Enroll forms. Students selected for Academic Success Program, TRiO or EOF are required to return the Intent to Enroll Forms , confirming your interest in enrolling in a special program. Students are also acknowledging with the return of the forms they have reviewed program requirements. (If you can’t find your form or have questions, please contact the Office of Admission at admissions@saintpeters.edu or 201-761-7100.)

Confirm your financial aid package and complete a financial plan. Spend time talking with your family about your plan for financing your Saint Peter’s experience. Financing Your Education will give you valuable information and can put you in touch with our Office of Financial Aid for one-on-one counseling.

Review bill and understand the various charges and credits.

Set-up payment plan account if paying balance due with monthly installments.

For payment due dates, payment options and student account forms, please visit www.saintpeters.edu/payments. If you would like to speak to someone directly, please contact the Office of Student Accounts.

Review the University Tuition Refund Policy.

Research and apply for outside scholarships. Also, be sure to keep Saint Peter’s informed of additional scholarship and grants received.

Check your Saint Peter's University email account for notifications and important communication.

Review start of the semester key dates and events. Mark your calendar so you don’t miss out! Whether you are moving into the residence hall, commuting to campus, participating in a special program, or playing on an athletic team, it’s important to keep dates, times and events in your planner. Go to the Academic Calendar for information.

If taking a selfie for your student ID, be sure to follow the United States Passport photo guidelines and email to IDselfie@saintpeters.edu

To-Do the First Week of Classes

Pick up student ID, parking permit and print schedule.

Attend Welcome Month Activities.

Purchase or rent textbooks.

Go to classes, consult with advisor if changes to schedule are necessary.

Strut your Peacock Pride. You got this!

Important Telephone Numbers

To look up an individual's phone number please see the People Finder Directory. To see a full list of department telephone numbers please see the Department Directory. The most important telephone numbers follow:

Academic Success Program (ASP) 201-761-6264
Admissions 201-761-7100
Athletics 201-761-7300
Bookstore 201-761-6490
Campus Ministry 201-761-7390
Campus Safety 201-761-7400
Center for English Language Acquisition and Culture (ESL) 201-761-6184
Center for Personal Development 201-761-6420
College of Arts and Sciences 201-761-6030
Dean of Freshmen and Sophomores 201-761-6030
Dining Services 201-761-7382
Educational Education Fund (EOF) 201-761-6380
Enrollment Services 201-761-6050
Financial Aid 201-761-6060
First-year Advising 201-761-6030
First-year Experience 201-761-6030
Health Services 201-761-7445
Honors Program 201-761-6226
ID Cards/One Card 201-761-6090
Information Technology 201-761-7800
International Student Services 201-761-6264
Orientation Office 201-761-6034
Parking Permits 201-761-6050
Registrar 201-761-6050
Residence Life 201-761-7130
School of Business Administration 201-761-6390
School of Continuing and Professional Studies 201-761-6040
School of Education 201-761-6190
School of Nursing 201-761-6270
Student Accounts 201-761-7440
Student Life and Development 201-761-7360
Testing Center/Placement Testing 201-761-6030
Transfer/Dean of Upperclassmen 201-761-6030
TRiO 201-761-6290
Work Study Office 201-761-6064

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